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Modern table decor: instructions

Modern table decor: instructions

If you live in a contemporary house, bet on a modern table decoration that will be friendly and trendy to receive your friends. With original shapes and a certain fantasy, the modern table will appeal to design lovers. Here are some tips for creating a modern style table decor.

Original dishes

Put aside your traditional round or square dishes because the modern style allows for some extravagance! You can easily opt for plates with new shapes: comma or triangle shape to enhance your dishes in an innovative way. The glasses also take a certain freedom with zigzag feet, air bubbles within the glass or unusual shapes.

Trendy colors

As for colors, choose trendy tones! Bet on gray for a touch of elegance and combine natural materials for a warm atmosphere. Be aware that you can opt for very dark dishes to break the traditional codes. And don't hesitate to bring the color onto the table by adding a few colored glasses to a slightly dark table or even playing a total color block look for a pop atmosphere. Discover our selection for a modern table decoration: Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"