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How to become a decorator?

How to become a decorator?

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Are you passionate about decoration? And if you want to make it your job, know that there are a large number of schools and training courses to prepare you for this real job. A quick overview of the training available to you. Before choosing your training, you must first know what decoration trade interests you. Indeed, there are some differences between interior decoration, coaching and home staging. Learn about the school to make sure it meets your expectations. Ask how many hours of the course includes training, if you have the opportunity to do internships, and what the outline of the program is.

Become a decorator in Paris

If you live in Paris, it is advisable to turn to schools whose reputation is well established. You will find the Boulle school which offers training in 2 years and which we integrate on file. It is a public school which therefore has the advantage of being free. You can also turn to private schools like Penninghen, which offers a year of integrated preparation with a competition after this first year. Tuition fees amount to 5000 euros for this first year and then increase by 1000 euros each year. Finally, the Camondo school is a good address. It is very selective because it is accessed by competition (7000 euros per year).

Become a decorator in the provinces

In the provinces also there are very good training courses to become a decorator. You will find IDAE in Bordeaux with 2-year training, Iffdec in Rennes also in 2 years and MJM Graphic Design in Nice, Strasbourg, Rennes but also Paris with training in 3 years.

Converting into decoration

Finally, be aware that if decoration is not your job, you can also claim a retraining. Throughout France, it is possible to get closer to Chambers of Commerce and Industry which are more and more numerous to offer retraining training within the framework of an Individual Training Leave. You are undoubtedly entitled to this leave within the framework of your professional career, inquire! In Paris, these training courses are provided by the Grégoire Ferrandi school.