Prospère®, the good taste of old-fashioned potatoes

Prospère®, the good taste of old-fashioned potatoes

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From a taste point of view, the Prospère® variety is distinguished by its delicate taste identical to the varieties of yesteryear. It is a variety of potatoes particularly versatile for gourmets that France Plants offers us. Once harvested, you can cook it sautéed, steamed, in fries, in soup or mashed potatoes, without losing any of its texture or qualities. Perfect in conservation, you can keep it 6 to 8 months in a row without losing its closure. Its long dormancy, added to a nature that does not require anti-germination, ensures natural conservation. As easy to grow as it is to taste, Prospère® is a red skin potato. Big advantage, it frees the gardener from the second hilling, essential to the classic varieties of potato, since it can be cultivated in mulch. Efficient in its water needs, it withstands drought perfectly while remaining perfectly productive. This variety well known for its resistance to lack of water, grows perfectly well in North Africa, in regions where rainfall is almost nonexistent. Depending on the geographical planting area, Prospère® gives an abundant harvest after 110 to 140 days of planting. The average harvest is 1.2 kg per stalk. Robust against diseases and bad weather, it is perfectly resistant to mildew and requires no specific treatment. Our practical gardening videos


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