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I write on the walls

I write on the walls

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Today the walls are becoming a real space of expression! In addition to the many decorative paintings and accessories, you can now write on the walls using very fun means such as stickers or even painting. Explanation.

Slate stickers

The pupils' slates have evolved to settle on the walls. They take the form of ultra thin stickers to stick on the walls like a sticky note. Some models have a simple blackboard and others decorate the wall with koalas, turtles or even pretty clovers. Besides, we no longer stick only to the black color but we can write on green, pink or blue slate stickers.

The quotes stickers

To express yourself on the walls, do not hesitate to use the stickers which use famous quotes from thinkers but also daily maxims. The choice is almost endless but if you can't find what you want your walls to say among the existing stickers you can create your own at many sticker stores.

The playful paintings

Finally, you can also appropriate the walls by betting on a fun paint that turns your wall into a space for expression. You will find blackboard effect paint to write with chalk but also a magnetic board style paint for those who prefer felt-tip pens. Discover our selection to write on the walls. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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