A brick wall for a loft style

A brick wall for a loft style

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Notice to lovers of New York lofts, notice to lovers of urban style in decoration. To enhance your living room, have you thought of coating a facade with the traditional red brick? Demonstration.

Red bricks in New York apartments, a classic

In New York, the typical houses seen from the outside are buildings with visible fire escapes. Viewed from the inside, these are apartments with at least one facade clad in red bricks. The principle is the same as for industrial lofts: rather than hiding old buildings under paint, New Yorkers have made them an attractive feature of their city. A brick wall, therefore, embodies the urban and artistic spirit of the Big Apple.

… To imitate at home

At home, various methods allow to take up this idea. If you do not want to actually raise an entire brick facade, you can always count on facing plates made of plaster briquettes, easier to install, which are found at Castorama. There are different styles: bleached brick look, old brick look or the typical authentic red brick look. Another solution for easy and quick installation: use a non-woven wallpaper that looks like a brick wall. On the Declikdeco side, this clever wallpaper gives a real volume effect with a stunning rendering. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"