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XXL flowers are popular!

XXL flowers are popular!

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Psychedelic, stylized, contemporary or retro, XXL flowers have taken the decorating world by storm for a few years. In stickers, or on duvet covers, macros with flower patterns appear everywhere. Trendy XXL prints that will give relief to your decor.

Very graphic XXL flowers

Choose these large flowers for your curtains, cushions or even your carpets for their graphic spirit that will give intensity to your decor. In wallpaper version, they will enhance your furniture. On the other hand, banish this type of pattern from the walls of your bedroom, its graphics being incompatible with rest. Use it in other rooms always sparingly, because too present it tends to "suffocate" the decor.

Bed linen sees life big

If the full-size floral tapestry is not suitable for your bedroom, this style goes perfectly well with your bed linen. The print has been given to heart for several years by covering duvet covers, bolsters and pillowcases. Modern flowers in bright colors that also breathe sweetness and freshness into your living room.

Flowered Maous Stickers

The stickers also give pride of place to XXL flowers. Original and colorful creations that will allow you to develop a decor full of cheerfulness and originality with these giant flowers that will find their place in the living room or in the bedroom.


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