Can you paint a bathroom furniture in shiny polymer?

Can you paint a bathroom furniture in shiny polymer?

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Dominique's question


Decorative answer: undercoat and paint while respecting drying times

Hello Dominique, painting a plastic piece of furniture is not really obvious but feasible if you respect the drying steps and times. For painting, it is better to choose "special plastics and PVC" paints. Today there is also a special plastic and PVC underlay (Julien). This undercoat is formulated specifically for plastics. After degreasing your furniture, apply a coat of primer on it, taking care, once again, to let it dry between each step. When your primer is dry, you can paint your bathroom furniture in the color of your choice, two coats will be necessary. You can, for more protection, finish by applying a layer of matt or gloss varnish, this step is not necessary but it will give a better finish to your furniture while protecting it. You too, send us your decoration question


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