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Tables for the exterior of the house

Tables for the exterior of the house

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The painting artist Johanne Cinier offers paintings intended to decorate the exterior of the house and which can remain outside all year round. She explains the concept to us.

What material is the support for these outdoor paintings in?

It is a support in reconstituted stone. It is a rot-proof and natural support, which allows painting as on a canvas. In addition, as the support is solid, this allows me to put weight in paint in risk of deforming it. For painting, I use natural pigments. Once the painting is finished, I fix the colors with a marine varnish like the one used for boats. In the end, the painting resists all bad weather: rain, wind, frost, snow, UV ...

What style of paintings do you paint?

I paint abstract and colorful, bright and generous, with great gestures and splashes. I like that my paintings stand out in a plant universe or on a terrace with neutral colors. For lovers of more sober decoration, I also offer paintings in bas-reliefs, stone color, with work on the material rather than on the color.

Do these outdoor paintings exist in several formats?

It is a unique format, 130 x 80, which can be placed in a horizontal or vertical position. However, I can make formats two or three times larger by assembling several supports side by side. Each table weighs 18 kg.

How do you fix these paintings on an exterior wall?

The switchboards have stainless steel fasteners integrated into the mass. Just attach hooks to the wall to hang the board securely and permanently.

How is the outdoor painting maintained?

It hardly requires any maintenance. You can dust it if dust has settled on it over the months, and even clean it with water. You can also iron a coat of varnish every two or three years to revive the colors, if necessary. It all depends on where the painting is located, whether it is very exposed to the weather or not.

How to choose your outdoor painting?

People can see my work on my website and choose a style they like. Then they call me and tell me the style they like and the colors they want. I make them a proposal with sketch. After validation, I make the table, which will be fully adapted to the customer's request.

What are the deadlines and the price to buy an outdoor painting?

It takes 4 to 5 weeks after validation of the sketch, because there is a drying time for the stone. Each painting is priced at € 2,500 including tax. The paintings are available in France and abroad, on estimate, in a specific packaging. To know more :