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The decoration made in camouflage with khaki

The decoration made in camouflage with khaki

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And if your decor took up military codes and traditional khaki for a camouflage atmosphere? This is an original idea that will undoubtedly appeal to teenagers who like war video games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor.

The khaki color

Khaki is a very particular color, it is a brown which incorporates yellow or green. It is therefore a shade between green, yellow and brown. When we talk about khaki green, this is a color that draws more on green than on brown. Be that as it may, these two colors are very close to those found in nature and they are worth very useful to the military for camouflage.

Military codes

Besides the bed linen, the curtains and the cushions which you will find in a camouflage fabric which precisely mixes the khaki, the khaki green, the green and the brown, you will also find very designer furniture in this original original color. Designers are now using persimmon to blend their objects into the wild. In the teenage bedroom, opt for seats of this type. To give a very military atmosphere to the room, do not hesitate to divert objects: a military net can dress the wall and metal trunks can be used for storage. Discover our very khaki selection for a military room. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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