Philips Advance Centrifuge Test

Philips Advance Centrifuge Test

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We take advantage of a break in good weather in the middle of this greyness to remember that it is summer and that at that time we are supposed to eat and drink healthy. I imagine the panic in the editorial rooms of women's magazines who are wondering how to fit the articles "Swimwear of summer 2012" and "How to lose weight before summer" when it is 18 ° C. All that to say that this article on centrifuges does not really fall into perspective unless you have decided to strictly follow the principle of 15 fruits and vegetables per day or to transform yourself into a toothless rabbit who could only appreciate the carrot in liquid (and why wouldn't it exist first?) Let's still try to make you the presentations even if you are dreaming more of hot chocolate at the moment than of a refreshing cocktail full of vitamins.

The glass was in the apple

How is a centrifuge different from another centrifuge, you might say. Ah ah! You seriously thought of having me with such a question? Imagine that I asked myself the same question and therefore I compared my Philips centrifuge which is part of my multi-function robot with the new Philips Avance Collection centrifuge, the HR 1869.

Right, Avance centrifuge and left Philips robot with centrifuge.

In terms of size I give a point to my multi-function robot, having a centrifuge on its robot avoids the size because a centrifuge is always an imposing object whose function remains limited. Philips puts forward as an argument an XXL opening to avoid having to cut its fruits and vegetables before passing them to the centrifuge. Today the centrifuges have almost all an XXL opening and in both cases I had to cut the apple in four.

Cut in half, the apples got stuck.

Same observation with the drip stop, I had an identical result for the two centrifuges and there is always a drop that can not be stopped, we should call it the stop-almost-drip in fact. Level result by cons, the visual is final. With the Philips Avance Centrifuge, you can use a pitcher provided with which will keep the foam produced. So we have on one side a presentable glass and on the other a glass with a very unpleasant foam in the mouth. Even the color is different and more appetizing with the Avance. To taste, since I hate apple juice, I would say that it is not good but with the Advance, it still goes better.

Always on the right, the Advance and on the left the robot.

The pulp, it stays down

But the real innovation of this new centrifuge is the quick-clean filter. Anyone who has ever used a juicer knows how much cleaning up this machine makes you want to murder rather than fresh juice. Philips thinks it has solved this problem thanks to its filter which prevents the pulp from sticking. We also have an interesting collecting tank because it is wide enough to be easy to clean. In addition, all the removable elements are dishwasher safe. Cleaning the centrifuge therefore becomes almost child's play (moreover, children will be asked to do it in return for these good juices).

Right, left, always the same.

While timing, I therefore cleaned the two filters of my centrifuges. For the first, I put 1 min 45 while the second was completely clean after 52 seconds. So there is progress even if I look forward to the centrifuge which will self-clean to no longer give us the excuse "Oh no, no fresh juice, after everything has to be cleaned!"

Before cleaning (obviously)

The verdict

Despite its undeniable performance, I find that we have not yet resolved all the concerns of the centrifuge, that is to say its size for a reduced function and its washing after use (even if it is undeniably better). And as I still haven't planned to transform myself into a toothless rabbit, I find that the price of € 150 is substantial compared to my consumption of juice, especially apples, which I don't like. Finally, the video test which shows how much I am applied and essential to the world. Centrifuge Philips, Avance Collection, HR 1869, 700 W, 150 €


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