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What color to match with black furniture?

What color to match with black furniture?

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The black furniture most often recalls a glamorous and elegant decoration.

For a glamorous atmosphere

Both chic and refined, black inspires and seduces with its mysterious and dark side. If you want to recreate a chic and glamorous movie set atmosphere, opt for black velvet curtains and poufs in rhinestones and black PVC. Combine black furniture with a rhinestone and glitter ceiling light for a guaranteed 70s effect. Assert your diva, VIP and chic style through a decoration composed of a lamp with the image of Marilyn, black carpets, black and white paintings, a black photographer's floor lamp. This unusual decor remains very modern and unusual.

For a baroque atmosphere

We often associate black with a style of baroque inspiration. The black furniture belonging to this refined and sophisticated universe is made up of black velvet chaise longue, Chesterfield leather or black velvet armchairs and black consoles. It can be matched with flashy furniture in silver or gold tones but also with red. Treat yourself to a theater interior with a comfortable chaise longue. You can match this furniture with white for a black and white decoration. Also stay in this sumptuous and elegant atmosphere by combining the black velvet chaise longue with a red velvet curtain. Inspired by opera, you will be able to play on the alliance of the two tones for an attractive universe. In an 18th century style revisited, opt for a chair with refined curves that will go perfectly with a contemporary universe for a trendy black and white decor.

For a sophisticated English style

Adopt the legendary black padded Chesterfield. Upholstered in leather, it will give your interior an English style. Available in black pouffe and black leather armchair, this furniture gives your living room an authentic touch. The padded aspect can also be used for the headboard to stay in the British universe. Do not hesitate to match the black headboard with a gray club armchair for a refined and mysterious atmosphere. Chic and elegant black is inviting into your interior for a VIP, baroque or contemporary style. Choose the decoration that suits you best. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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