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Original ice cubes and frosted containers in the first row!

Original ice cubes and frosted containers in the first row!

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To meet our thirst for freshness when it's time to taste, have an aperitif or have dinner, we allow ourselves some special summer fancies on the table: funny ice cubes and frozen containers. A refreshing trend to say the least, to follow closely.

Containers made of ice

In summer, to bluff the guests, give a fresh air or a note of originality to the table decoration, the good idea is to present drinks, starters and desserts in frozen containers. Salad bowls, cocktail glasses, ice creams or frosted shooters will surprise you and will look great on the table. In addition, the recipe is not very complicated. All you need is a glass-shaped silicone ice cube tray and then fill it with water or your favorite juice before freezing it. To present salads and raw vegetables in frozen bowls, we do it differently. What you need: two nesting salad bowls. We fill the largest with water or juice to the third, we add a few flower petals to affirm the decorative touch, then we place the smallest in the center. Direction the freezer for 24 hours before a delicate release. Did you say originality?

Original and funny ice cube trays

No more classic rectangular ice cubes! Cocktails, milkshakes and other summer drinks deserve a little more attention. It's time to dress up in humorous, or at least more original, ice cube trays. If you want to perfect the presentation of a delicious mojito, choose a silicone mold containing 3 stirrers, which, once glazed and unmolded, have the shape of skewers of ice cubes. Also remember to play on the shapes of the ice cubes: fish, stars, sticks ... Freshness guaranteed! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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