The 3 golden rules of a beach hut style decor

The 3 golden rules of a beach hut style decor

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To extend the summer getaway at home, we improvise a decor inspired by tropical beach huts, halfway between exoticism and nomadic style. Immediate take off!

Natural materials with tropical influences for furniture

Straw, wicker, rattan, rope or woven resin, painted or recycled wood: these are the key materials of the cabin style. They embody both the very natural setting of the beach while marking a more artisanal side (braiding, recycling ...) or reworked, in contrast to classic natural furniture. Inevitably, on the terrace or in the living room, a rope carpet, a braided kubu armchair, a bamboo pearl door curtain or a raw wood coffee table give a little air resolutely from elsewhere ...

An explosive cocktail of colors on the accessories side

The taste for contrasts and the mixture of colors are a characteristic characteristic of the atmosphere that prevails on the coasts of hot countries. A tangy yellow, a sparkling orange, a blazing red, a turquoise sea blue, an emerald green, a flashy pink, a toned purple: all this little world of colors takes over the decor, whether it is a carpet, dishes, cushions, vases, sheers or chairs. Also remember to mix the patterns for a more beautiful effect. There is a sense of cheerfulness in the air, a note of pep which highlights the natural aspect of the furniture. Make way for exotic good humor!

Affirm the traveler and nomadic style of the decor

To concoct a corner of paradise, you still have to bet on a few tricks that can give a feeling of freedom at home. Yes, because the shelters that have their feet in the sand embody the nomadic attitude, it is up to us to copy the traveler style by choosing some foldable furniture, transportable everywhere and easy to store. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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