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Video: a table setting with bucolic accents

Video: a table setting with bucolic accents

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The sunny days have settled and with them, the desire to have beautiful meals outside. The editorial staff offers you very bucolic video ideas for a trendy table decor with accents <>. Nature, bucolic ... these are the words that are suitable for characterizing the decor of the table. It is intended as a real country walk where the shades of blue, purple and gray have a special place. Do not hesitate to play the trend card by using mismatched plates, by matching the colors for a very decorative effect. Also remember to play with the size of the glasses to give height and depth to your decor. Your table will be even more aerial and will not be reminiscent of the flowers of the fields… Decoration idea: say goodbye to the traditional vase to dress your table. Dress a wicker basket with flowers. To help you with your table decoration, here are some shopping ideas that we have selected for you: Hemp tablecloth (jean blue) - Château de Vaux - € 170 Napkins (pearl gray with fringes) - Château de Vaux - € 30 l 'White Pagoda unit - Zygote - 28 € the Thailand Cutlery unit - Alinéa - 40 € Small purple stemmed glass - Alinéa- 6.90 € for 3 Small plate - Alinéa - 17.40 € for 6 Green carafe - Casa Table design and staging by Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi. video id = "0" / Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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