Green decor ideas for a child's room

Green decor ideas for a child's room

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Children can also have an eco-friendly room, from floor to ceiling or through decorative accessories. Eco-friendly wallpapers or stickers, cushions in natural material, shelf in recycled cardboard, paper garland ... discover our selection of good addresses.

On the walls

In the sticker family, we went green, with the brand in particular Cocobohème which publishes a range of models made in France, in slate or colored, made with potato starch (Koala model at 19.75 euros on In Contemplatives , the stickers are printed with eco-solvent inks based on water without toxic product, therefore without risk for our toddlers, like the XXL model of 1.15 m in the shape of a tree (60 euros on .

To suspend

Very decorative, you will find Nepalese paper garlands and colored felt suspensions edited by the eco-designer Muskhane (3 euros for the paper garland on In Rooster in Paste , bring the forest into the room with a decoration in PEFC cardboard to assemble yourself, without glue (13.80 euros on


In terms of textiles, bed linen and cushions are available in natural materials, especially from the Danish brand Ferm Living with organic cotton cushions (29.95 euros on Photos of children's rooms to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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