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Video: a garden, 5 spaces

Video: a garden, 5 spaces

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Now the garden is a real extension of the house. So it is not surprising that it is divided into several spaces to become a living garden. On the program: a space to take meals, to cultivate the vegetable garden, to cook or even relax, without forgetting the decor! The garden adapts to your different activities so that you can live almost entirely outside. At first, you will be able to grow your vegetables in a vegetable patch. Suffice to say that salads and carrots will be ideal for your summer meals! And to accompany them with a few grills, you will head to the kitchen area where you will find a superb plancha. This outdoor kitchen will allow you to prepare your meals in a convivial atmosphere. We then go to the dining area where tables and chairs allow you to sit with family or friends to have lunch in the sun. And to end the day, nothing like a little relaxation. In the gardens, we now install spas worthy of great institutes and we even have a shower outside to cool off. Finally, we do not forget the decorative touch to make the most of the garden. The decoration becomes just as important outside as inside! Find out how to arrange your garden on video.


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