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Intergenerational colocation, a human and economic solution

Intergenerational colocation, a human and economic solution

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Intergenerational co-location: this is the concept that is developing to allow young people to find cheap accommodation and elderly people to feel less alone. Manual.

Intergenerational shared accommodation: how does it work?

An elderly person, who has a free room in their accommodation, welcomes a student or an apprentice. This one, in exchange for small commitments, is accommodated for a very reasonable rent, even for free.

Intergenerational shared accommodation: what is the interest for the elderly?

Many elderly people live alone in accommodation that is too large for them and suffer from loneliness. They want and need a reassuring presence, and to have someone to talk to, with whom to share a few moments during the week. Intergenerational colocation allows you to break the isolation and live at home longer.

Intergenerational shared accommodation: what advantages for the tenant?

The tenant can thus benefit from a larger and more comfortable accommodation for a modest financial contribution. For him too, the exchange with the elderly is something enriching. In addition, the intergenerational roommate allows you to feel the fracture with your family in a less brutal way while enjoying a warm atmosphere.

What are the student's commitments to the elderly?

The commitments are defined in advance by contract before the colocation. Generally, it is for the student to render small services such as doing some shopping or participating in certain household tasks but more often, the student agrees to spend a certain number of evenings with the elderly person.

What are the elderly person's commitments to the student?

The elderly person must provide the student with an independent room and make available a corner for him in the kitchen (in the fridge and / or in a cupboard). The two people share the bathroom. In general, everyone prepares their meals.

What is the ideal student profile for intergenerational colocation?

The student must be serious, reasonable and selfless. He must accept the fact that he is not at home, and probably cannot receive his friends, unless the elderly person agrees.

Is there a charter governing intergenerational colocation?

A charter has been launched with three associations: Le PariSolidaire, Ensemble2Générations and Logement-Intergénération. This charter provides a framework recalling the main principles that associations must ensure that they respect when they form pairs between seniors with a room and young people looking for accommodation: non-discrimination, the rules of living well together , etc.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in intergenerational shared accommodation?

Unfortunately, there are more requests than offers. The principle of generational co-location, even if it is beginning to be known, does not always inspire confidence, the elderly often having a bad image of youth. Experience shows that it is often children who push their elderly parents to embark on the adventure. But once they have tested intergenerational colocation, they almost all repeat the experience. To inquire