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What splashback and what color on the wall for a white and wenge kitchen?

What splashback and what color on the wall for a white and wenge kitchen?

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Aline's question


Answer: with the color wenge in a kitchen, opt for stainless steel and a light brown paint on the wall

Hello Aline, you would like advice on decorating your kitchen, the furniture of which is in white lacquer, the worktop in wengé color and the tiling of which imitates dark parquet. To add a very contemporary effect, I would recommend a splashback, a hood and the plate in brushed stainless steel which is an indestructible, modern material and which does not fear heat. For the kitchen paint, opt for a very light brown which will be in harmony with the wenge color of your worktop and your floor while giving relief to your white furniture. You too, send us your decoration question


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