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Video: 4 balconies for inspiration

Video: 4 balconies for inspiration

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Having a balcony or a small terrace is a real chance to enjoy the outdoors. But for this space to be really pleasant, it must be given a certain atmosphere. Whether you prefer the natural, industrial, rural or urban style, there is a balcony for each style to discover on video!

A natural balcony

If you want a total immersion in nature, you will have to turn to a balcony with wooden furniture! The total look in chestnut wood allows a return to basics with simple and comfortable furniture. (Chestnut creations)

An industrial balcony

Make way for recycling on an industrial-style balcony! The floor is covered with a scaffolding tray providing a metallic touch. In large DIY stores, you will also find floor tiles that perfectly imitate this material. We offer metal furniture and we divert buckets and cans of paint to make flower pots. (Christophe Ponceau)

A country terrace

On this terrace, nature must take over. Thus, the wooden bench flourishes among plants and vegetation. The vegetable patch offers the possibility of cultivating the land in a reduced space.

An urban terrace

For a more design style, we turn to stone, which not only allows us to structure the garden with low walls and columns, but also to create furniture with clean lines. We equip the terrace with benches and sinks for a unique style. Discover the 4 balconies on video.


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