Create a space behind a door

Create a space behind a door

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We often forget the facilities available behind the doors. They are sometimes small but can, in an apartment in particular, be very practical to install storage or bring a little touch of decoration. We have therefore selected for you accessories to hang, fix or glue directly to the door or to place behind your door. Follow the guide !

To suspend

Save space with accessories to hang on doors. In the kitchen, you can for example have a sorting bag. To get a makeover in the bathroom, why not place a toiletry bag behind your door? Also think of the coat hooks for the entrance door, the organizer for the office or bedroom door, the hanging organizer or the towel rack.

To put

You can also have small pieces of furniture or space-saving accessories, between the space of the wall and the door once opened. Depending on the space available to you, choose a shelf, a shoe rack or an umbrella stand for your entry. Also think of the laundry bag in the bathroom or a trash can in an office.

To fix

Many practical and decorative ideas are fixed directly behind a door. The coat rack, the key ring or a folding board to make an office. Why not a sticker? There are mirror models, perfect for decorating a door. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"