Industrial decoration in 3 key points

Industrial decoration in 3 key points

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Who would have thought at the time of the sixties that the look of large warehouses and factories would become very fashionable? And yet, today, the loft style never ceases to seduce. If you are one of the amateurs, here is how to create a 100% industrial decor in 3 key points.

Color code: from concrete gray to red or pop yellow

Waxed concrete on the floor, metal beams on the ceiling: yes, the flagship color of factories is gray. To create this atmosphere at home, the ideal is to bet on concrete imitation paint, both on the floor and on the walls. Without forgetting to awaken everything with a few colorful touches like yellow or red, pep tones that keep an urban side.

Workshop objects: a marriage of metal and wood

An imposing architect style lamp, steel suspensions, a clock or a metal trunk ... The rule? Functional objects that seem to have come out of factories and workshops, or that embody the urban style such as street art paintings. Without forgetting that the favorite materials of this furniture are metal and wood. The apparent structures of the metal legs highlighting the authenticity of the raw wooden trays of the table, the shelf, the harnesses or the chest of drawers: everything to recall the look of the hangars! If you are wondering where to find these accessories, the ideal is to go to the flea markets. As for those who do not really appreciate these real Ali Baba caves, do not panic! The Maisons du Monde loft range has plenty to make them happy…

Allure open space

Who says loft says open spaces! We break down the walls so that the interior is airy, like the huge factories of the sixties and thus strengthen the industrial spirit. By removing the doors and being content with a half partition or an American bar, the kitchen and the living room become one. You can also use large mirrors to accentuate this feeling of space and grandeur.


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