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Video: maintaining a bonsai

Video: maintaining a bonsai

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You are the happy buyer of a bonsai, but it has already started to show signs of fatigue? Don't worry, you are not necessarily at fault. Bonsai trees are generally imported from China, where they are grown inappropriately. Stéphanie Taffin, landscaper gardener, gives you some advice to restore color, by repotting it first. It will then be enough to take care of it regularly, as for any plant. Follow his advice, on video!

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One size up, one size down

At first, it is essential to extract your bonsai from its original pot. Often the substrate is not suitable and leads to rot, fungus and drying out, which considerably harms your plant. Once the bonsai is out of its pot, clean the roots with a small spike or a fork for example. Then cut off the ends of the old roots to grow new ones. The latter will be more effective, will drink better, and will thus feed the plant much more. This size below is just as important as the classic size above.

Repot bonsai

To repot your bonsai, it is strongly advised to choose the right pot. If possible, use a pot made of natural material, like sandstone for example, to let your plant breathe. First of all, place a wire there which one will use thereafter to stabilize the bonsai. Now is the time to fill the pot. Start with a small layer of drainage. Here, Stéphanie uses pozzolan. Above, place a little peaty soil, and finish with a homemade ingredient: sphagnum that you have previously soaked in water. Finally put a little substrate. You just have to install your bonsai taking care to place the roots down, and fill the pot with your mixture potting soil / sphagnum.

In conclusion

Once the repotting is finished, you can, like Stéphanie, add a little aesthetic touch, by placing moss all around the base of your plant. All you have to do is water the bonsai once or twice a week, and possibly do some basing if the soil dries too quickly. You now have the keys to maintaining a bonsai tree. Repotting is an essential phase, which will allow you to keep this plant with you as long as possible! Find Cultivate and maintain a bonsai on Produced by Minute Facile. Something new in your garden and on your balcony? Celebrate the return of spring, post your photos on the forum


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