A 3 in 1 tray for your summer lunches

A 3 in 1 tray for your summer lunches

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Our eating habits also follow the trend! And today, we all fall for "dips", an English term which indicates the accompaniments to serve with bread for example. So to adapt to this trend, Vacu Vin offers a 3 in 1 tray: Bread & Dip. Here is a new concept that will appeal to those who receive friends as well as those who eat their meal in front of the TV! It is a three in one concept that includes a cutting board, a bread basket and small ceramic dishes for accompaniments. Ideal for an aperitif or a snack, you can cut the bread on the board before placing it in the basket and offer accompanying sauces such as aioli, tapenade or guacamole on the basket itself. Also note that the cutting board can serve as a lid for the basket when you use it outside, but it can also be used as a cheese board. Serving bread has never been so practical and elegant! Dimensions: 34.20 x 26 x 26.20 cm. Price 26 euros. On sale in department stores and tableware shops.


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