Electrolux and Lavazza launch a coffee machine

Electrolux and Lavazza launch a coffee machine

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When Lavazza, the Italian coffee expert and Electrolux, the Swedish brand of household appliances, join forces, the result gives a precise and design coffee machine. Presentation of the latest coffee machine: Favola A Modo Mio. The Lavazza and Electrolux brands worked together to design a machine combining design and functionality to offer the authenticity of a real Italian espresso. Thanks to A Modo Mio (in my way in Italian) you can taste a coffee in the rules of the art: from 7 to 8 g of ground coffee pressed per cup, a water temperature between 90 ° and 95 ° C , a minimum pressure of 9 bars for extraction and a flow time of 20 to 30 seconds. The coffee is thus creamy, persistent in the mouth and rich in aromas. On the design side, the aesthetic is extremely simple with pure and elegant lines like Scandinavian design. And to adapt to individual tastes, the machine is available in 6 acid or metallic colors: granite gray and glazed brown, chocolate and antique steel, passion red and arctic white, chocolate and arctic white, blackcurrant and arctic white and green apple and arctic white. Of course, you will find a full range of capsules with 7 different varieties. From 139.90 euros> More info on


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