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Are you a fan of balneotherapy and would you like to benefit from its daily benefits? It is possible, by making some adjustments in your bathroom.

You like baths

Opt for a whirlpool bathtub, whose production of microbubbles is particularly relaxing. There are all sizes (large sizes are fashionable) and various shapes: rectangular, oval, angled, flared on one side ... Some models are equipped with a very invigorating massage system, which works thanks to water circulation and air injection. Nothing like it to eliminate the stress of the day. To operate your spa bath, an electrical supply is essential. Luxury has a price (from 6000 €).

You prefer showers

Several solutions are available to you. For a small budget (from 150 €), you can just install a shower column instead of the current tap. For an average budget (from 500 €) and with larger works, it is possible to install a complete kit. The section of the pipes being larger, the water pressure is too. For a substantial budget (from € 2,000), opt for the real spa shower cabin. The installation is easy, and you will have the choice between a multitude of options: massage system with adjustable nozzles, colored water jets (thanks to an LED system), music, hammam function ...

Good to know

To take full advantage of your equipment, make sure that the water pressure at the tap is 3 bars (approximately 17 liters of water per minute). Electric cylinders and gas boilers with a balloon will be more efficient than producing instant hot water, which may limit the temperature of the water. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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