Give a New York style to a living room for 350 euros

Give a New York style to a living room for 350 euros

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New York is one of those mythical cities that you don't have to have visited before you want to live there. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, so many dream places that we would like to take in our suitcases. Thanks to the decor, you can travel while staying at home so why not transform your living room into a small New York? With a budget of € 350, here are some tips to get New York City into your home.

New York on the walls

To reproduce the atmosphere of a typical New York apartment, you can have fun transforming one of your walls with an imitation ash brick wallpaper (€ 32 at Declickdeco) like in Brooklyn. The other solution is to suggest the American city by placing a height chart depicting a New York bridge, like that of La Redoute (39 €).

New York furniture

Once the walls are dressed, it's time to furnish your living room. The New York style is a clever mix, you can for example combine industrial-style furniture with a Chesterfield sofa that rather refers to the cozy style. In the same spirit, opt for a raw steel and mango wood coffee table like the one offered by Miliboo (€ 139) which you will place on a large carpet for the warm side (New York City carpet at Cdiscount, € 126.99).

New York in small touches

When the furniture is finally installed, all you have to do is beautify your living room in the Big Apple way with a few well-chosen accessories. Add one or more New York velvet cushions (€ 8.90 at IdHousse) and find the Manhattan buildings with the New York Sensitive lamp at Amazon (€ 24.90).


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