Plant screening: which plants to choose?

Plant screening: which plants to choose?

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Your exterior is in full vis-à-vis and you will like to find a solution to hide from prying eyes without feeling trapped? The green screen is what you need! Use flowering plants and shrubs to dress up your exterior and preserve your privacy. Whether you have a balcony, a terrace or a garden, find out which plants should be favored to create a plant protection screen!

Hiding from opposite with plants

Hiding from vis-à-vis with plants Who said that you absolutely need a palisade to hide from prying eyes from your terrace, balcony or even your garden! To preserve your privacy vis-à-vis while having the impression of being in the middle of nature, the plant screening is the ideal solution! And to do this, there is no shortage of plants to form a hedge or a few flowered panels. In general, we recommend plants with evergreen, robust and dense foliage. Also, it is recommended to choose fast growing plants for the most effective results.

Which plants to choose for your privacy screen?

Many varieties of plants are commonly used to create a privacy screen. Here are some of them: * Bamboo: it's the star to hide from vis-à-vis. Fast growing, bamboo is perfect for hiding from prying eyes! Especially since it is an excellent insulator! We love its exotic look which highlights all the little exteriors, from the balcony to the terrace to the patio. Be careful, prefer bamboo clumps to prevent them from proliferating and invading the space. * Laurels: laurel from Portugal, laurel-tin, cherry laurel, laurel sauce ... Most laurels are great allies to create a privacy screen in the garden. It must be said, it has all the characteristics ... Persistent and dense foliage, easy to maintain and depending on the variety, it can even be used in cooking! * The cypress: with its persistent, dense and opaque foliage, the cypress readily forms a screening. The only drawback is that its growth is quite slow and it must be planted in an amended soil and well in depth. * Thuja: other classics of screens, thuja are compact and thick shrubs that easily create a screen of greenery from your outside.

And the flowers?

Do you want to take advantage of your green screen to showcase colors? Bet on flowering shrubs like: * roses: Romantic flowers at will, roses bring a bucolic side to your garden. Because they require space to grow, avoid roses on a small balcony even if they can very well be planted in large pots! * Jasmine: we no longer sell the delicate scent of jasmine! But beyond being a feast for the nose, the varieties of jasmine have dense and resistant foliage. As for flowers, they are sublime and poetic! For a jasmine screen, turn to star jasmine or winter jasmine. * Honeysuckle: ideal for small areas, honeysuckle is a climbing plant which rolls up easily along a railing or a panel. If its foliage loses its density in winter, it is adorned with colorful flowers from spring to the end of summer! * Buddleia: also called butterfly tree, this plant offers a grandiose spectacle to its owners! With its clusters of fragrant flowers, it attracts the lust of all butterflies. So imagine if your hedge was filled with it?