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The 8 rules for designing a playground in my garden

The 8 rules for designing a playground in my garden

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A play area in the garden allows children to have fun while working out. However, certain safety rules must be observed. What you need to know to design a successful playground.

Choose the location of your playground

It must be visible from the house to be able to supervise your children, and located on perfectly flat and stable and well-cleared ground, if possible on grass.

Favor CE games

CE standards games are designed to be tough and safe. They are often made of autoclave wood to better withstand the elements.

Secure your games

Choose a slide with a handrail along the ladder. Install receiving surfaces suitable for the slide or gantry to prevent possible injuries because falls are often inevitable. There are flexible rubber coverings (in slabs or rolls) as effective as sand and above all, much more hygienic.

Space games

By keeping enough space between the different games, you will avoid collisions.

Plan a hiding place

Children love to hide and love the cabins. There are all kinds of children's playhouses and in different materials. Don't hesitate to buy one, or better yet, make it.

The games we think less about

If the trees in the garden allow it, install a zipline to let it slide from one tree to another. Another game that will make your children happy: a plastic tarp to install when the slide arrives and that is wetted to make great slides.

Avoid favorite purchases

Solidity and security must be the watchwords. Also check that the games you want to buy match the age of your children. For children from 3 to 6 years old, the swing, the slide and the trampoline are suitable, for example. For children from 7 to 12 years old, a perched hut will please them enormously. For teens, consider, for example, a basketball court.

Regularly check the condition of the equipment

Make regular checks for equipment that you cannot store under cover during the winter, especially the ladders of tree houses. If something is damaged, change it to avoid the risk of accident.