The indoor swing: a very trendy hanging seat

The indoor swing: a very trendy hanging seat

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The children's favorite game, the swing is generally found in the garden. But it is indoors that we are most interested in, us adults. It must be said, with its airy look and its way of turning away from its primary function to transform into an original decorative object, the indoor swing has more than one trick in its bag. We tell you more about this new trendy seat that swings all the rooms of the house. Discover 6 decor ideas to adopt the indoor swing…

1. A swing in the child's room

What could be more logical than a child's bedroom to install an indoor swing? Suitable for play and fun, the swing is an easy and fun way to decorate a child's room or a playroom. Children will have the pleasure of enjoying it even in rainy weather! Isn't life beautiful? In terms of construction, a simple pierced wooden board and rope are enough to create a nice swing!

2. A reclaimed swing in the living room

Because there is no reason that it is only children who benefit, the swing also finds its place in the middle of the living room! Here, the wooden plank was traded for a white painted tire. An original recuperation idea that you can imagine perfectly in vintage or industrial interiors. And for those who like original creations and staging, you can even install a swing for each seat around the dining room…

3. Swings as shelves

The shelves gain height with these wall swings. To highlight your favorite plants or your collections of small decorative objects of all kinds, the swings seem to be important allies. Alone, they breathe a breeze of lightness and poetry into this dining area. Vary the heights for a wall decoration all in perspective and do not hesitate to install drooping or climbing plants!

4. A swing as a bedside table

To all adults who have known how to keep their childhood souls, the swing can allow you to regain your youth if it is installed in the master bedroom! And you can even give it a new function. This is the case with this swing which acts as a bedside table. If you do not intend to use it to swing, you can imagine several floors. One for books and an alarm clock, another for putting plants… Let your imagination run wild!

5. A swing in the office

After the child's bedroom, the parental bedroom or the living room, the swing sets up in the office. Alone or with others, hanging from the ceiling or directly on the wall, the indoor swing gives a relaxed air and breathes a cheerful atmosphere into the room. Between two tasks, it will allow you to allow yourself a few minutes of escape and recreation from your desk.

6. A bed suspended on a swing

If you are used to using it as a seat or as shelves, the swing can also be diverted dramatically by becoming a hanging bed! Imagine sleeping with the sensation of floating in the air ... it is dreaming, isn't it? Obviously, you must benefit from an ultra solid ceiling for this type of installation. In any case, we love this inspiration could not be more romantic!


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