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5 DIY based on cork stoppers

5 DIY based on cork stoppers

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In the recycling spirit, nothing is disposable, everything is reusable! And once again, we prove to you that with simple cork stoppers, you can create real little decorative wonders. From fridge magnets to vases, through the plant wall or the pendant light, we will give you our favorite creations and DIY to reuse cork stoppers…

1. A fridge magnet

Many young and old alike appreciate the magnetic decorations on the fridge! We like to have fun removing them, reattaching them, moving them… To complete your collection, we offer this playful creation which consists of using cork stoppers to make miniature flower pots to stick on the fridge! Just dig a hole in the center of the cap to insert a mini shoot and stick a small magnet to keep it on the refrigerator.

2. A recuperated suspension

If you have been collecting corks for a long time, you may have enough to make a pendant light! If on this inspiration, the plugs are skewered, you can also use a support to suspend them in the manner of fringes. Recover a ventilator grid or a metal grid, equip yourself with an electric suspension kit, hang and hang the plugs using rope and you are with a new light fixture! And you can be sure that your decorative creation will not go unnoticed…

3. A green wall

In the same way as for magnets, you can reuse cork stoppers to create flowerpots and imagine a green wall. Use succulents and cacti as these are plants that don't need a lot of space to take root. Failing to fix them directly to the wall, you can place the cork stoppers on a plywood board, on a metal grid or even on a frame! The good decor idea: you can have fun painting the caps and making graphic shapes to give color and dynamism to your new plant wall decoration!

4. A terrarium

Obviously we like to associate cork stoppers with natural and vegetable elements. To give a second life to your corks, how about installing a few in a terrarium? Let your imagination run wild and have fun customizing them using paint, toothpicks, masking tape to create small figurines that will inhabit your miniature garden! You can also write pretty words on each of them and place them here and there in your container.

5. A decorative crown

We finish our top 5 DIY with cork stoppers with a wall decoration: the crown. The advantage of this decorative creation is that it can be adapted according to the events, the season or your desires! With pine cones and holly for Christmas, with spring and pastel flowers to celebrate the beautiful days, with animal figurines and sewing buttons for a playful decoration in the child's room… There is not a , but hundreds of ways to imagine a crown with corks! All you have to do is find yours…