A guide for all small repairs in the house

A guide for all small repairs in the house

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The Best of Artisans site, which connects artisans and individuals, offers a very practical guide of advice to deal with all small repairs in the house. To put in all hands! If DIY is not your thing and you do not know how to carry out routine repairs or small maintenance jobs in plumbing, electricity or household appliances, the Best of Artisans guide is made for you ! At first, the book will advise you on the ideal toolbox to carry out all kinds of DIY operations. In a second step, you will find the progress of operations, the level of difficulty of the achievements as well as an indication of duration and budget required. Among the many tips in the book, you will learn how to repair a dripping tap, unclog a sink, change an electrical outlet, maintain a dishwasher or refrigerator or even clean the filters of an extractor hood. You will no longer have to panic in the event of a water leak or blown fuse! You will find the book for sale at France Loisirs. > More info on


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