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A world tour of interiors, an open book on the decoration of the world

A world tour of interiors, an open book on the decoration of the world

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Whether you are passionate about decoration or not, this book is for you. The second volume of the Taschen 25 edition is a concentrate of interiors from around the world, the most singular and exceptional at the same time, to discover from your reading place.

Welcome to the world of Taschen, 2nd volume.

We fell in love with the Taschen 25 edition, which presents in the form of two volumes a selection of 100 interior decorations from around the world. Decos like you've never seen them, original, creative, and steeped in the culture of their country. The decor is as unusual as it is surprising. Did you know that a striped floor gives the sensation of a life-size optical illusion? Or that a disproportionately large computer mouse on a concrete base hung on the wall exists and is all the more design?

A visual at the height of the decorations described

Real pledges of the most original atmospheres in the world, and the most stunning, the illustrations of the book will reveal for example a dining room worthy of the Count of Dracula with its blood-red walls, and all the decoration associated with it. You will discover a kitchen with its wall which opens outwards like a drawbridge! There is something for everyone, from rococo decor, design decor, to the country and many other styles. More than a work, this second volume of the edition is a window on the world and its multiple "choices" in decoration. These interior decorations are like works of art, one of a kind. For more information, go quickly to the Taschen website:


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