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How to get rid of flies?

How to get rid of flies?

The good days are coming back and the flies are following closely? To avoid chasing insects and their incessant buzzing, it is time to put in place a real effective action plan ... and if possible, without toxic products. Follow the guide, we hunt flies.

Good fly prevention

Because the best way to rid of flies is to prevent them from entering, we start by checking that our interiors are not fly-friendly before moving on to extermination. In other words, we avoid leaving crumbs, dirty dishes, garbage and other appetizing meals lying around for insects! We also ventilate the house, keep the bin closed and empty it regularly, we clean the hobs and the sink ... In short, we redouble our vigilance on cleanliness. Plan B, for areas infested with flies, we plan to install mosquito nets or curtains in front of the doors. Not always very decorative, but radical to keep flies outside.

Natural repellents against flies

On the repellant side, we zap the insecticides that pollute humans as much as flies… We rather focus on natural fly control, those that insects deem nauseous! Fortunately not us. This is particularly the case for lavender, basil, bay leaf, lemon balm, lemongrass geranium, marigolds, lemongrass ... We sow them in the house in bouquets, in pots, or in planters on the edges of windows. Same thing for cloves to prick on lemons, or for white vinegar to spray on window sills. And in the absence of aromatic plants or spices, we think of essential oils that repel flies as effectively. At the top, essential oils of eucalyptus, lemongrass, geranium, peppermint, lavender or camphor. We simply use a diffuser or a fabric impregnated with a few drops in front of the windows. Please note, essential oils are mainly prohibited for pregnant women and children under 3 years of age.

Efficient fly killers

Not very glamorous, okay, but the fly paper remains a classic for getting rid of flying insects. We hang it in places where flies flutter, we wait ... and we change it regularly. There are many options in the trade, adhesive tapes to hang, covered with a product that attracts critters before sticking them. For those who prefer the 100% natural, fly paper also has its own DIY: we cover strips of paper with corn syrup mixed with sugar, the result is the same. Another option? The homemade fly trap, consisting of a jar filled with apple cider vinegar or sugar water and covered by a funnel or a cut bottle, neck down. The flies are engulfed there and remain there, it is enough to empty it every day. And for athletes, fly swatters or electric rackets have lost nothing in efficiency… even if it will be necessary to pick up the corpses. As for avoiding the drudgery of emptying or collecting flies, make way for carnivor plants ! A simple and natural way to get rid of insects, provided you pamper these sometimes fragile plants. For green hands, we go for the Dionaea and the Drosera capensis, two carnivorous plants which attract, trap and digest flies, an all-in-one solution more decorative than fly killer paper.