How to optimize a room with twin beds?

How to optimize a room with twin beds?

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Properly place twin beds

Place twin beds in a double room depends on both the size of the room and its occupants. The little ones generally appreciate seeing each other to reassure themselves, justifying the twin beds simply placed side by side. With teens, a head-to-tail placement with a separation, even symbolic, is often more suitable to respect their privacy.

Is the bedroom long? We plan to create two separate spaces by placing the twin beds at each end of the room. Is the room rather square? We exploit the angles by placing the twin beds in two opposite angles diagonally, and changing their orientation to place them perpendicular to each other.

Delimit spaces in a double room

The beds can be twins, the occupants of the room are not however! The real challenge of Double roomis to respect everyone's personality by delimiting personal spaces with a personalized decor ... but harmonized! The right idea? For the little ones, we play with the symmetry of the furniture, but we change the color theme to draw two distinct spaces: blue-green on the left, yellow-pink on the right, or even stripes on one side and dots on the other, etc.

As for teenagers, again, we favor separation between spaces with a half-partition, a removable partition, a divider, a canopy, a curtain, a screen, a screen ... Since they rarely have the same tastes as their brothers and sisters, we try as much as possible to offer them a space in which to create their bubble.

Save space with twin beds

Unless you live in a palace, share a room In principle, it means packing twice as much in a standard room. Toys, clothes, decorative objects, school supplies ... Hence the importance of choosing functional furniture, combining functions and / or hiding a string of practical storage.

Twin beds can hide drawers or raise up mezzanine above an office, bedside tables can be extended by a desk, desks can have built-in shelves, etc. And if the dressing room is shared, we mark the separation to avoid dramas!

Create a shared space in a room for two

Since everyone has their own well-defined space in the bedroom, why not create a neutral area in which children can find themselves? If the size of the room allows, we create a cocooning space which with a little luck, will help to ease conflicts and tensions.

For the little ones, a play corner with a rug, a few cushions and toy bins is perfect in front of the twin beds. For older children, we prefer reading corner with a mattress or armchairs, cushions and a bookcase. Cardboard insured.