Painting quote: what should be checked before signing?

Painting quote: what should be checked before signing?

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Painting estimate: inspect the mandatory information

Like everything estimate of works, a painting estimate must contain a certain number of obligatory mentions. To ensure the seriousness of the proposal, nothing like checking the presence of the right information!

  • The mention "quote".
  • The date of issue.
  • The name of the entrepreneur or the company name.
  • The VAT number, the Siret number, the identification number in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) or in the trades directory.
  • The client's name and the site address.
  • Details of the services.
  • The total cost before tax and tax.
  • The detailed cost of labor, material, even the quote.
  • The date and duration of the work.
  • The conditions of sale, payment, complaints and guarantees.

Painting quote: control the business

The painting quote has finally arrived, it is there, it is waiting ... Shall we sign? No ! Unless you know the company and are sure of its reputation, you start with check the information provided on the quote. An internet search makes it easy to find out about the company, above all to ensure that it is not in compulsory liquidation ... and that it has not been registered with the chamber of trades for three days, since it is useless to clarify that a company with 15 years of presence is less subject to liquidation during construction.

However, this does not mean systematically eliminating young painters, rather to know where we are setting foot: if the company is recent, we can always ask for references to the craftsmen as for their previous building sites, and check them. Those who have nothing to hide will be happy to provide them.

Painting estimate: check the details of the services

Not only must the painting estimate indicate the services provided, but above all it must detail them. Is the floor and furniture protected by the craftsman? Are there any travel costs? If the support must be renovated or prepared, is the service included? The price of material and paint is it indicated? What about the workforce? The brand of paint, the number of coats planned, the standards respected?

A detailed painting quote is reassuring, but above all it eliminates a good part of the risks of unforeseen events, these services added during construction by unscrupulous painters. Anything that is not written black on white can be charged extra!

Painting quote: monitor sales and payment conditions

The devil is hidden in the details, in a painting quote as elsewhere. Among the items to check without hurrying, the conditions of the quote: what are the payment terms, delivery of the site, execution of the contract? Are there penalties for late construction, guarantees, insurance? What are the conditions of complaint in case of problem? The more we know, the less risk we take before signing.

Do you plan to move in the next 6 months?

Painting quote: compare prices before signing

As much to prevent, a painting estimate whose prices seem unbeatable, it is shady. Slightly cheaper, okay, but a quote 20 to 30% cheaper that the others generally hide unpleasant surprises between the lines, which we discover only during or at the end of the site. One of the most common techniques for artificially lowering a quote and forcing us to sign is, quite simply, to "forget" to include certain steps in it.

The secret ? Take the time to compare multiple quotes to uncover gaps and inaccuracies, so that you can claim details. And if the painter tries to drown the fish or struggles to answer clearly, we flee without signing.


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