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How to repair a broken window yourself?

How to repair a broken window yourself?

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Can you repair a broken window yourself?

Yes and no. If we are talking about a broken window, really broken and not just cracked, no need to procrastinate, it will have to be replaced. And replace a glass yourself is possible, provided you have good DIY basics and patience. When you barely master a screwdriver, you might as well be honest, the test will be delicate.

Second condition, it must be a single glazing, double or triple glazing requiring an air gap between the two thicknesses of glass. And this vacuum is almost impossible to achieve correctly by non-professionals, due to the lack of appropriate equipment as well as know-how. Especially since in case of error, no guarantee!

What if the glass is just cracked? The urgency is less, but the impact will spread, the glass will crack and eventually break. As a result, it is better to replace it before arriving at the moment when it becomes a danger. Shall we summarize you? Yes, it is possible to replace broken glass yourself, for DIY enthusiasts and when it is a simple glazing. For the rest, we call on a real pro.

How to prepare for the repair of a broken window?

No way to get started without a minimum of organization. Before replace glass, we are preparing the ground!

  1. First step, we protect and protect ourselves: after picking up the broken glass on the ground if there is any, we spread some newspaper or a thick tarpaulin to recover the pieces of glass to come. We take this opportunity to put on a pair of thick gloves type welder's gloves, to protect yourself from cuts, and protective glasses in case of projection.
  2. Second step, we remove the smallest piece of glass remaining on the glass frame, starting with dismantle the leaf to install it flat on trestles ... if we get there. Otherwise we will just work directly on the amount in place. The remaining large pieces of glass are gently removed with the gloves, even if it means breaking.
  3. Third step ? The edges of the window frame are scraped with a scraper or a knife, to remove the old putty and the last shards of glass. In principle, there are nails, called glazier tips, straighten and remove with pliers. Once the chassis is clean, we dust, we sponge and dry.
  4. Last step before changing the broken window, we measure ... and be careful, no error is allowed, since these measures will be used to cut the replacement glass ! A mistake is a useless window. Measure the height and width twice or even three times to avoid approximation, then remove 1 mm to facilitate adjustment.

How to change a broken window?

Unless you have professional equipment, in general, we cuts the glass to be replaced at a specialist or in DIY stores. While waiting to bring it back, you can put a plywood board or polyane paper, to temporarily isolate, then prepare the right material: putty, very fine glazier's nails and the appropriate hammer. Everything is here ? We put the gloves back on and get down to business.

  1. We start with knead putty to soften it, then we shape it into a cord about 2 mm thick. It is placed on the window frame, all around, then smoothed with a finger or a knife to remove the excess.
  2. Then put the new glass on the putty, gently, pressing on the sides to make them adhere to the chassis… Never in the middle of the glass and never too strong, to avoid breaking a beautiful brand new tile.
  3. Once the glass is installed, we use the glazier tips to consolidate the installation: we plant one every 15 cm all around, first at the top, then at the bottom, ending with the sides. The nails should not be fully driven in, and you will not be shameless enough to say be careful with the hammer against the glass.
  4. We end with a second layer of putty, which will completely cover the part of the nails protruding from the first layer. Smooth with your finger, blow and let dry without touching it for several days, even ideally several weeks. Well done, you did it, the glass is repaired!


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