Focus on… outdoor rugs

Focus on… outdoor rugs

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A stylish accessory for the outdoors

Like the interior, an outdoor carpet highlights a cozy space where you like to meet. It thus extends the living space from the house to the garden. It highlights a dining area when it slides under the table. He knows how to enhance the garden furniture or any other relaxation area by delimiting the space. It is also a great ally for a picnic on the grass or a garden party! And given the many formats, even small exteriors such as balconies and terraces can have it adopted.

In terms of decor style, the possibilities are numerous! We imagine a carpet with graphic patterns to give a boost to the garden. Choose it in black and white version for a modern and elegant result. Prefer a colorful model to add a touch of madness! Bohemian exteriors, on the other hand, like to accumulate carpets to stack them. Do not hesitate to mismatch them by choosing different models: one with ethnic prints, another with kilim patterns or even a fringed carpet. For a country garden, a nature or Scandinavian style exterior, opt for a cozy and cocooning carpet in neutral shade and in natural fibers. The advantage with this style of carpet is that it works as well in winter as in summer!

Which subjects should be favored?

When choosing your outdoor rug, you need to take several things into consideration. Starting with its resistance. Not only will your outdoor rug have to resist humidity but also UV rays. And for that, you must pay attention to the material that composes it. You will have the choice between a carpet in synthetic fibers or in natural fibers.
Synthetic materials include:

  • Polypropylene: it is one of the most resistant materials for outdoor rugs. It is very resistant to humidity and UV rays and is rot-proof. It allows a wide range of colors and patterns which, despite the weather, remain almost intact.
  • Needle punch carpet: renowned for its permeability, it resists water very well. It is not the most aesthetic material but it has the advantage of being economical and easy to maintain. It is ideal for classic style models.
  • PVC and polyester: resistant and non-slip, PVC and polyester rugs have all the qualities required for outdoor use. There are models in many colors and excellent value for money.
  • Vinyl: with good weather resistance, vinyl is also non-slip and economical. The only catch? Its appearance which is not always very elegant…

As for natural materials, they have a reputation for being less suitable for outdoor use. It is true that wool, sisal and seagrass, for example, are not the most suitable in view of their poor resistance to humidity. That said, there are vegetable fiber materials that have their place outdoors. We think of:

  • hemp: Insulating and resistant, it is a material that is close to cotton. It is ideal on a terrace or on a balcony.
  • bamboo: this is the best choice for an outdoor rug. Flexible, resistant, easy to maintain, bamboo is the material of choice for outdoor use. And in addition, we love its exotic look for a summer garden in the tropics!
  • coconut: designed from the shell of the fruit, the coconut rugs are quite resistant outdoors. The inconvenients ? They are quite rough to the touch and lose some of their luster over time.
  • paper: made from an alloy of paper and compressed cotton, this type of carpet is an ideal compromise for those who want a material that is both soft and robust.