All Makers with Leroy Merlin Campus, more… and the finalists

All Makers with Leroy Merlin Campus, more… and the finalists

First assessment for Tous Makers

Take a look on Instagram, you will see firsthand the diversity of DIY projects proposed. Over the month of June, we saw passing lamps, benches, tables, racks, door handles or guitar racks, armchairs and pedestal tables, coat racks or candlesticks ... We crossed recycled pallets and cases of recycled wine, concrete and macramé, logs and bottles.

We admired, above all, creativity of more than 200 makers of all stripes to participate. And we impatiently awaited the creations selected by the jury for their aesthetics and ingenuity, their usefulness for the home, the quality of their manufacture and as a bonus, the use of recycled or recovered objects… Good news, this time, here we are. Open your eyes wide, the finalists have arrived!

All Makers, 2 elected from the 10 finalists

They are waiting for your votes

Three, two, one, click, here are the two projects still in the running and submitted to the vote for the best place on the podium…

1 / Tristan Moog and his refined indoor vegetable patch

A DIY mini indoor vegetable patch in copper tube, this is what to grow aromatic herbs with an unprecedented refinement. The extra thing? Integrated LED lighting to help plants grow and add a decorative touch to the kitchen.

2 / Quentin_bqn and its designer 3D print lamp

Accent lamp, bedside lamp, desk lamp? With its contemporary look and clean lines, this pretty geometric table lamp combines biosourced material printed in 3D and 18 mm copper tube cut in three.

Go to Leroy Merlin's Instagram page and vote for your favorite story creation to elect the winner of the contest from the 2 finalists selected by the jury!

They deserved their place

And thunderous applause for the other finalists, whose mastery of the copper tube was well worth the congratulations of the jury!

  • Lorinbruckin for its rustic and chic wooden and copper bench.
  • Ross6661 for its copper reed lined with a minimalist water tank.
  • Brunorolet for its rain sky swirling in copper.
  • Thelaroche for its sleek and designer shoe rack.
  • Chtiteblan and the Ehpad la Plaine de Scarpe de Lallaing for their elegant plant support.
  • Guillaumecomique for its original and delicate copper chessboard.
  • ameli___c for its coat rack and slate / cork table.
  • sebastienkuhler for his trendy valet in copper and wood.

Have you admired, applauded or even considered reproducing one of the two finalist projects? U.S. too. But hush, no more time to lose, the votes are open until July 23… We are going to elect our DIY champion, to find it quickly in stores and in tutorials!