Five reasons to install a canopy in your kitchen

Five reasons to install a canopy in your kitchen

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A canopy can be the ideal solution! Find out why in five points:

1 - Separate the kitchen from the living room

We spend time there, in the kitchen, in a lifetime. For avoid isolation of the cook, fashion has for a long time been unique to kitchen and living rooms. We appreciated their friendly aspect. But some have returned. Let's face it, a lounge with the scent of French fries is nothing pleasant. No more than a TV corner imbued with the scent of steak until snack time. The engine noises of multi-function cooking robots - increasingly popular devices - can also be very disturbing for people who lounge in the living room. That is why a glass roof between a kitchen and a living room is an interesting alternative. The pieces are isolated from each other, but not too much!

2 - Bring more light to your kitchen

Not all kitchens are not naturally bright, especially when they are small and with few openings. A glass roof circulates the light from one room to another. The kitchen immediately gains natural light. In the end, we save energy since we switch on the electric light less.

3 - Beautify your kitchen

A canopy also plays a aesthetic role, thanks to its graphic lines. It is much more than a simple transparent wall: it is a full-fledged accessory. Thanks to its transparency, the canopy leaves an impression of continuity. The room looks bigger! Depending on the size of the room, the arrangement of the elements, the glass roof can be integrated into different parts of the room: garden side, between the kitchen and the living room, between the kitchen and the hallway….

4 - Bring a practical side

Nothing prevents you from choosing a canopy which includes openings : doors, windows, pass-through, the solutions are multiple. Installed on the bar which separates the kitchen from the living room, an opening canopy gives a bistro side to all.

5 - Playing with styles

The canopy is not only suitable for rooms with modern design! It adapts to all kinds of styles, from traditional to industrial style. Just integrate the appropriate materials. For a Scandinavian atmosphere, wood is essential. For a traditional side, opt for white. You can choose canopies to paint yourself in the colors of your choice. A good solution, if you want to assemble your canopy yourself, is to choose an aluminum kitchen canopy.

What aluminum canopy for your kitchen?

There are several types of aluminum canopies. Simple canopies are made up of upright frames. The canopies with crosspieces have, as their name suggests, horizontal crosspieces. The canopies with base have glazing at the top only. Assembling your canopy yourself is not difficult with ready-to-install canopy solutions. The game is worth the candle. In addition to the light, you will gain a feeling of grandeur, style, and friendliness.