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Greenery in the kitchen

Greenery in the kitchen

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To give a very natural atmosphere, give an impression of vitality and freshness, give the feeling of breathing deeply in a healthy setting, nothing better than making good use of plants in your decor. And when it comes more precisely to decorate the decoration of your kitchen with a little greenery, then there is not long to hesitate: aromatic plants are your best allies! All you have to do is equip yourself with some essentials for a successful plant decoration in your kitchen: - aromatic herb pots where you will grow the herbs you have chosen yourself. They will be nicely placed on your table, close to the cook's hand. You can also play the ultra decorative card of planters hanging from the ceiling , where your aromatic plants will grow upside down, just above your worktop… Chic and practical! - A vegetable painting large format or several smaller ones arranged harmoniously on one of the walls of your kitchen. They will give an ultra trendy and very natural decorative effect. For some, you can replace the plants used in the tables with aromatic plants if the heart tells you. You can also opt for small vertical planters , in which you can build a real little indoor garden! - The traditional small zinc pots garnished with various plants, reminiscent of the country setting of a good gardener, will multiply on many wall shelves to create a cascade of greenery. - Finally, do not hesitate to purify your air with so-called depolluting plants and bet once again on a decorative and practical object: air purifier Andréa !


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