The retractable table for small rooms

The retractable table for small rooms

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The integrated retractable table

For those who want a real dining table without cluttering the space, the retractable table is the most design solution. In short, it is a real table, integrated into the kitchen furniture when it is not in use, to be taken out only at mealtime. Its greatest advantage is its modularity: depending on needs and available space, it can accommodate two, four or ten people ... knowing that the larger it is, the more space provided for its storage must be large.

It can be stored as is under a counter, sliding or on casters, with or without stools below, or even wedged between the counter and the kitchen furniture to disappear completely. It can also be folded down to store vertically, and serve as an extension to an existing table, at the end of a counter or island to enlarge the dining area! Its downside? The price. Because its modularity makes it a rather expensive retractable table, especially since it is often custom-made to fit into the kitchen and make the most of the space. High end result, certainly, but high end budget too.

The retractable table in a piece of furniture

In the magic furniture series, the retractable tables are hidden in the most unexpected. First option, the freestanding retractable table which can be moved: there are folding tables on legs which once folded, are only a few centimeters wide and can disappear in a cupboard or between two pieces of furniture. But there are also tables hidden in real furniture displaying another function, for example a narrow console, the top of which can be pulled out to transform into a retractable table! Interest? These tables can be moved, and therefore positioned where there is room, middle of the room included. Some are also on wheels.

Second option? The retractable wall tables. These blocks with various designs hang directly on the wall and look like large shelves. We put a vase or candle holder there, then at dinner or work, we open to unfold the table and the legs. Practical and space saving in a small space, but beware of constraints: these tables only unfold from the place where they are fixed and having only two legs opposite the wall, so they do not support any what weight.

The fold-down folding table

The cheapest retractable table and the simplest is her, a board to fold against the wall outside of meals. When you need it, just raise it with retractable brackets. If we love it, it is for its price as much as for its simplicity, since it is not very complicated to make in DIY: two retractable brackets fixed to the wall, a wooden board or any other material that sticks to the decor screwed on, it's done. Two or three folding chairs or stools complete the set, ideal in a studio or a small kitchen, an office or a living room.

His downsides? A small format, unless provided in two folding parts by hinges, with folding legs at the end. And above all, the obligation to monopolize a wall to fold it down, which can be problematic when trying to make the least square centimeter of space profitable… But given its budget, the retractable table to fold down against a wall remains the most popular!