How to clean a bathtub?

How to clean a bathtub?

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What products to clean a bathtub?

As often, naturalness is the key. Chemical cleaning products, which are too aggressive, often end up attacking bathtub coverings, especially in the case of an enamel bathtub. And since in addition, it is expensive for not much, it is better to trust natural cleaning products, as effective as economical and safe. For the same reasons, we use the soft side of the sponge, never the scraper which could scratch the coating.

  • White vinegar descale, cleanse and sanitize while removing lime. Hard to find better, or cheaper, to effectively clean a bathtub! Ideally, you use it in a spray bottle to save time: just spray the walls of the bathtub before rinsing with the shower. Otherwise, the soaked sponge remains.
  • The lemon works almost like white vinegar, for even less money. First option, we squeeze a lemon in a spray bottle filled with water before spraying the walls of the bathtub. Second option, rub the flesh of a lemon cut in half on the walls before allowing it to sit for twenty to thirty minutes, then rinse. You can even mix it with white vinegar for more effect.
  • Clay stone offers equally impressive performance, since it cleans and degreases while leaving a light water-repellent film. To use it, it is lathered on a non-abrasive sponge before rubbing the walls of the bathtub, then rinsed with a shower.
  • In case of persistent stains, a small amount of toothpaste on a sponge can work miracles!

How to whiten a bathtub?

Is the bathtub gray? We bet on baking soda. The best friend of white vinegar is one of the favorite natural cleaners to maintain the bathtub, and for good reason, it doubles as a whitening effect. We start by wetting the walls of the bathtub with a hand shower before sprinkling them with bicarbonate. Then leave to act for 30 minutes, then rub gently with a non-abrasive sponge. It only remains to rinse.

By the way and with a very damaged bathtub, know that there are renovation kits for whiten an enamel bathtub. The solution is radical, since it consists in repainting the bathtub with a specific white resin, but the result is stunning!

What maintenance schedule for the bathtub?

The best way to maintain a bathtub remains the most obvious: it is better to clean regularly rather than to plan an annual stripping. In other words, you take a quick shower or even a sponge after each shower, and even more after each bath. In addition, there is a real weekly cleaning. No miracle, only regularity will prevent soap residues, lime scale or worse, grime, from becoming encrusted until the bathtub is permanently dirty!