Christmas: What colors to adopt this year?

Christmas: What colors to adopt this year?

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1. Green and natural tones for a sustainable Christmas

Already popular in previous seasons, the nature trend is intensifying again this year for Christmas. To respond to environmental emergencies, the Christmas decor becomes more responsible. No more choosing excessive accessories and considering non-recyclable materials, the Christmas green invites you to focus on the essentials and consume more sustainably.
No wonder then that green is a ubiquitous color in 2019 for the Christmas decor! And then, isn't green the color of the king of the pines? Beyond the traditional Christmas tree, green is found in shades on accessories for a more successful nature style.

Recycling is also in the spotlight since this trend favors zero waste! We can imagine, for example, a Christmas table decoration in vegetable tones based on plants, branches, pine cones, wooden logs, flowers and dried fruit ... Even gift wrapping uses vegetable fiber to replace plastic!

2. Earthy tones for a warm Christmas

This year more than ever, the colors of Christmas reveal a real need for comfort. And once again, it is in nature that the trend draws its inspirations and more particularly in the Mediterranean landscape! Warm and sunny colors, earthy tones offer the opportunity to create a warm Christmas decor…

Among the earthy tones in vogue for Christmas decor: orange, ecru and amber. As for the reds, they fade in favor of softer roses like old rose or terracota! And to sparkle everything, nothing like a few notes of gold (like brass accessories) or touches of copper. Enough to create a friendly and warm atmosphere in these festive days ...

3. Pastel colors for a magical Christmas

White, silver and pastel shades: these are the colors to choose if you want to give a magical and enchanting spirit to your Christmas decor. Gourmet colors par excellence, pastel tones will delight young and old alike. We think for example of almond green, powder pink, lemon yellow or even sky blue.

In order not to spawn the overdose, it is advisable to choose only three colors and to associate them with more neutral shades. Otherwise, nothing prevents you from using only a pastel color with white and silver, glitter or frosted patterns. And to highlight everything, bet on lighting! Light garland, lanterns, candles… It's up to you to find the ideal lighting to make the magic of Christmas reign in your interior.