Christmas: trendy decorative objects in 2019

Christmas: trendy decorative objects in 2019

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1. The vegetable trend

This is THE big trend of the year for Christmas. Indeed, 2019 puts nature at the center of the holidays to get back to basics. Forget the plastic Christmas balls and other ephemeral decorations, the vegetable trend stands out as obvious in the face of environmental concerns. This results in durable decorative objects of natural origin. In fir, we opt for handcrafted figurines, wooden, felt or cork suspensions. The branches of holly, mistletoe and pine cones remain essential while the dried flowers and other sprigs (like eucalyptus) bring lightness and poetry to the atmosphere. They are used to make a wreath or to decorate the table.

And to go through with the process, nothing like DIY! Origami promises many wonders (like hanging stars) and gift wraps are played zero waste by drawing inspiration from the Japanese art of Furoshiki (folding of fabric).

2. The exotic trend

Just like the vegetable trend, the exotic trend honors Mother Nature! But when the first favors quality over quantity, the second offers a little more fantasy… Traditional decorative objects are traded for more offbeat accessories. In practice, you can replace the fir tree with a palm tree and the mistletoe branches with tropical leaves. Wildlife is not to be outdone since there is a special place. Parrot, flamingo, toucans, butterflies and other insects invite themselves on the accessories for a resolutely wild and eccentric Christmas!

For a festive spirit, add a few golden notes like brass vases and lanterns. The good news ? You can even keep all your Christmas decorations after the holidays!

3. The urban trend

Unlike previous universes, the urban trend is more modern and futuristic. In a metropolitan spirit, she favors decorative objects with bright, even cosmic colors. Neon in the colors of the northern lights is also the star of the trend and replaces the traditional Christmas garland. But there are also a lot of silver and glitter decorative items (like Christmas socks in sequins!).

Christmas balls take the form of imaginary creatures like unicorns or other animated characters. There are even Christmas balls emoji way! You understood, the urban trend allows all the madness ... And this is not to displease the little ones!