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Why is it time to ignore the scented candles?

Why is it time to ignore the scented candles?

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Products harmful to health and the environment

Many studies (such as that of the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) have shown the presence of toxic pollutants in scented candles (as well as incense sticks) that can cause many irritations in humans.

In fact, most candles are made chemically from paraffin, petroleum waste transformed into wax. The latter, when lit, releases toxic components such as benzene, acetone or toluene. The University of South Florida has even demonstrated that once extinguished, a scented candle continues to emit benzene in the room in which it is located!

Likewise, the scent of scented candles, when chemical, emits dangerous VOCs. The risks of these toxic components? Headache, dizziness, allergies, respiratory tract infection and in the worst case, cancer. Just that !

What alternatives to choose?

As you can imagine, the best thing to do is to choose candles made from natural products. Opt for a vegetable wax like beeswax or soy wax. Choose a candle with an ecological wick, that is to say a wick that has not received any chemical treatment for better hold.

For perfume, favor essential oils rather than synthetic perfumes. But why not simply take advantage of the naturally fragrant scent of beeswax or create your own natural candle yourself? Or just avoid the candles? Because even for the most natural and ecological models, a candle that burns is toxic since by definition, its combustion is not complete!

This is why we recommend that you avoid the candle indoors or ventilate your room well once it is out. All the more, if you live in a small space! Limit the frequency of use and absolutely avoid burning several at the same time. Of course, stay away from the candle so as not to inhale the smoke and avoid lighting a candle when you eat. And if you really want to perfume your interior, you can always infuse spices or dry flowers, fruits, bark or other naturally scented plants…


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