Sport settles on the walls of the teenage bedroom

Sport settles on the walls of the teenage bedroom

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If your teen is a fan of sport, you will not hesitate to encourage him and that even in the decoration of his room where his passion will now be able to invest the walls. With the help of stickers, football, basketball and even skateboarding are in the spotlight. Because it is not always easy to transform the teenage bedroom into a sports ground, we prefer a few accessories that will honor the discipline without taking up space. The sticker then appears as an ideal solution for a sporty but not crowded room. Indeed, you will find many models presenting each sport discipline. Skaters sit on the walls, unless you prefer basketball players or footballers. And the girls are not left out because they will be able to choose the stickers that illustrate the gym or even the dance. To use it in the bedroom, nothing could be easier! The sticker is placed on the wall on a flat and clean surface. But also know that you can go further and customize the furniture. If your teen has a piece of furniture dedicated to the storage of their sporting goods, it is on this that you will stick the sticker! It will also be installed on a desk or a nightstand Finally, think also of the floor! If the coating allows, do not hesitate to make markings with adhesive in order to create the illusion of a sports field.


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