10 tips to take good care of your house finishes

10 tips to take good care of your house finishes

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Paintings, floor protection, hardware, lighting, heating, curtains ... finishes are often relegated to the background, but they are extremely important because they personalize the interiors. Thanks to them, houses are different from others.

Tip 1: install plinths

Theplinths hide the junctions between the floors and the bottom of the walls. We thought that these were elements that we could possibly dispense with? Oh no; they are finalizing the decoration of its interior!

To choose your baseboards well, it's simple: we take into account their size, but also their color and / or their material. They must perfectly harmonize with the style, but also the decoration and the colors of its pieces.

Tip 2: install door frames

Same thing for door frames : they must in no case be forgotten. Often, they are chosen so that they match the plinths.

Tip 3: protect your floors

We wanted to pose a nice raw wood parquet in the living room ? It’s good, you still have to protect ! Yes, this is a step all too often forgotten, but which remains essential to prevent its floor from being damaged in the short term (especially if it is a room with a high passage). So, in the case of a parquet, oiling or vitrification is carried out for maximum protection.

Tip # 4: tweak your heating system

Choose a heating system, it's good. Still need here know where to place it and best harmonize it with its interior decoration ! Indeed, it would be a shame to place a radiator in the location provided for his (future) sofa, right? To avoid missteps, we choose to place these radiators under or near the windows.

In terms of decoration, we can turn to ultra design radiator models and / or colored. The goal ? Make its radiators decorative elements in their own right!

Tip n ° 5: select the right handles for your doors

The choice ofdoor handles is very important to obtain a harmonious interior. To each ofmatch their style and material (stainless steel, porcelain, wood…) with the look of its parts! They can be on a plate or on a rosette, with a crutch or button…

Tip n ° 6: diversify the handles of your furniture

Same thing for furniture handles ! The smallest details are important when talking about finishes; we varies their style and material to give its furniture a singularity that will be noticed and have a little effect.

Tip n ° 7: take care of the lighting

Although you have to think about it from the start of the construction project, because the electrical plan follows very quickly, thelighting is one of the finishes of a house that it is important not to neglect. Indeed, the light sources play an essential role in the aesthetic rendering and the comfort of daily use of an interior.

We take care to choose the right light models, their bulbs, but also their color temperatures. We do not hesitate to multiply the light points to modulate the atmosphere of his rooms. We prefer lamps whose cable is made of twisted fabric and colored rather than black and rubber.

For switches and sockets, we play the originality card by choosing models in brass, ceramic, color ...

Tip n ° 8: take care of your taps

Afittings worked makes all the difference! Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, we choose a faucet that matches the sink or sink. We avoid the mismatch, we prefer a matching set.

Tip n ° 9: choose the right paints

Thepaint finishes play a great aesthetic role in interiors. They can be matt, shiny or satin. We pay attention to matt paint; it reveals many traces on a daily basis. We then replace it with velvet effect paint, between the mat and the satin, which is washable and therefore easier to maintain. Generally, the matt finish is recommended on the ceiling while satin is more recommended in the kitchen or bathroom.

Tip # 10: think about the finishes

Curtains, blinds and blinds are part of the finishes of a house! They perfect the decoration of an interior as much as possible! We don't forget them. Last point: cables and plugs. We hide them under his furniture as much as we can! This seemingly harmless little detail is very important!


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