Mistakes to Avoid on the Balcony

Mistakes to Avoid on the Balcony

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If you have a balcony, even a small one, know that this is a real asset! Indeed, the balcony can be designed as a real extension of the house and offer you an air bubble outside. But to make the balcony really pleasant, there are a few mistakes to avoid!

Do not think that the balcony is not furnished

Like all rooms in the house, the balcony is also entitled to furniture! The furniture will not only give it a real function but will also architect the space. Also, before choosing your furniture, think about the use you want to give to your balcony. You can for example transform it into a garden furniture, create a dining area or dedicate it to relaxation.

Don't forget to give style to the balcony

On the balcony also you can give a style to your decoration. It can then either be in adequacy with the rest of the house or on the contrary offer you a new original space. You can create a natural, exotic, Zen, design, oriental or even country atmosphere: anything is possible! Choose your furniture accordingly: woven resin for a design style, wood for a natural spirit or wrought iron for an oriental style. The idea is to give a certain coherence to the whole.

Do not neglect the decoration

Decorative accessories also play an important role. They will allow you to refine the style of your balcony but also to make it as pleasant as possible. Consider having comfortable cushions, small decorative accessories like a Buddha sculpture for a Zen style for example. Do not hesitate to bet on the greening of this space by offering you beautiful pots of flowers to garnish or planters which will also protect you from prying eyes.

Don't put the lighting aside

To create an atmosphere, lighting is essential! If during the day, daylight will suffice, after dark, it will be necessary to use a few tricks so that the balcony is always as pleasant. So to enjoy it until the end of the night, we put on outdoor lights that often run on solar energy. You will find lanterns and other very decorative lamps. To complete the decor, you can also choose bright furniture, both practical and very decorative. And finally, for the final touch, install a few candles in lanterns or candle jars. All you have to do is enjoy your evening! Find all the mistakes to avoid in your garden.


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