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Bioclimatic pergola: 8 things to know about this must-see in the garden

Bioclimatic pergola: 8 things to know about this must-see in the garden

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What is a bioclimatic pergola?

A bioclimatic pergola is a outdoor device to install above your garden furniture or your terrace. It is used to protect your furniture from bad weather but also to make your evenings more pleasant throughout the seasons. In summer, it ventilates and regulates the hot weather and in winter, it shelters your garden furniture, thus saving you from storing and bringing it out during the year. Whether you are in summer or winter, enjoy your outdoors with peace of mind thanks to it!

What is the difference with a classic pergola?

A pergola was originally installed so that plants would grow everywhere on it soprotect people from heat in midsummer and bring in the winter light, once the foliage has fallen. A bioclimatic pergola is simply a more modern version since it offers the same advantages, with an additional cutting edge of technology. Bioclimatic means that the pergola adapts to the environment, to temperature and therefore to solar radiation, while regulating ventilation in a motorized manner.

What are the advantages ?

The advantages of a bioclimatic pergola are numerous. Thanks to the different existing models, finished the plastic pergola and makes room for more styles. aesthetic and more design. Some models have options like the remote control, rain detection, integrated lighting, brumors, speakers… With the possibility of orienting the blades as you see fit, take full advantage of your moments of relaxation outdoors.

How to choose it?

Intermediate between a blind and a veranda, it offers more features and a more sophisticated design than the latter.Made of wood, steel or aluminum, the bioclimatic pergola is available in several materials according to your needs and desires. To choose your pergola, it takes time. Establish a list of criteria such as the price, color, material, size, desired options… And once these criteria have been put on paper, go to a specialist store.

Where to find a bioclimatic pergola?

Many specialized signs offer bioclimatic pergolas today. You will therefore have no trouble finding the one you need. Find out beforehand on the internet about the manufacturers of pergolas and then go to the stores that distribute the different models that interest you so that you can test and actually view them. However, if you can't find the model of your dreams, you can have it custom-made. For this, ask the manufacturers who offer this option.

Do you need a permit to install it?

Before installing your bioclimatic pergola at home, ask your town hall to find out if you have the right. Indeed, some models depending on their sizes, sizes and weights can require authorization and even a building permit. Be careful to take these steps in the rules of the art so as not to risk a fine ...

How to install it?

Once you have chosen your model, you must now install it. Very often the explanatory notes are successful but you can also watch a video on the internet for example. The layout will be based on the orientation of your house in relation to the sun, the direction of the wind and natural light. No need to install it in a corner that never sees the sun!

At what price can we find it?

Be aware that the price range is quite wide. You can indeed find models from a few hundred euros up to several thousand euros. It will depend on the desired options, its size, its material ... Indeed, many criteria come into play and it is difficult to indicate a fixed price.


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