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What curtains to choose for a living room?

What curtains to choose for a living room?

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Curtains are the final touch in decorating your living room. You will choose and install them once your entire living room is furnished and decorated. In short, it is the ultimate finish for a perfect decoration of your room, so do not go wrong by choosing them!

Respect an atmosphere and a style

Living and reception room, the living room must clearly bet on aesthetics and consequently, the choice of curtains must respect the atmosphere and style of this room for a most harmonious effect. If your living room is in a "natural" style, favor natural materials for your curtains too: linen for example, will be very suitable. For a more opulent style, these are thick enough curtains that elegantly fall to the ground that should be highlighted. Suede velvets or curtains work very well for this. If your living room is modern, play more with the light and airy curtains. For a clearly contemporary look, do not hesitate to decorate your bay windows with very fashionable Japanese panels.

Respect some aesthetic rules

Aside from the style of your living room, think of certain aesthetic rules for choosing the curtains in this room correctly: a low ceiling living room will like curtains with vertical stripes while a fairly small space will benefit more from horizontal stripes; the patterns that will enhance the style of your living room will be welcome only if your living room is not already overloaded with decoration; also remember to choose your patterns correctly: scrolls and arabesques will go hand in hand in a classic style while the big seventies patterns will add pep to your pop room, but avoid mixing styles that are too incongruous! Do not overload in colors either: whether pastel or "flashy" respect the nuances used on your walls and furniture!


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